Sneak Peek: The Dough Room

Wayzata is about to get a new pasta and pizza joint when The Dough Room opens officially to the public on October 30. But don't expect neon signs and Luigi-chef cartoon logos to adorn the space which formerly held District Kitchen. Chef-owner Alex Dayton, and his consulting crew of Red Wagon Pizza's Pete and Jaquie Campbell, is bringing a slightly more sophisticated vibe to the space.

The new entryway sports vintage furniture as the host stand.

If you remember the old space, it was quite open at the front. "We built a wall to close off the entrance a bit, hoping to help define the spaces a bit more. Now the bar area feels separate and special, and the dining room has it's own vibe in front of the open kitchen," Campbell told me. The tones have switched from bright green to cool greys with brass accents. There are vintage touches throughout that are meant to balance with the more modern feel.

Hand made bar tables

In the bar, two long communal tables have been built by Dayton's dad, a genius wood worker. "The bar will always be open for walk-ins, we hope these tables become a gathering spot for groups and families," Dayton pointed out.

The big booth

Though they've replaced most of the booths with banquettes and tables, there is one king booth in the corner. Someone's going to hold court there for sure.

Dining Room

The kitchen has been opened up, with counter seating added on one end near the pizza oven. They took out a wall in the back so that there could be a view into the back room where another big wooden table acts as a prep and pasta making area.

Expo line at the open kitchen

On the front of the line, there's a wooden expo area that has the restaurant's logo built into the grain. All were crafted by Dayton's dad.

Pasta tools

The back area of the room includes this mural of pasta tools, still in progress this week.

Private dining

A private dining room includes French doors, which can be left open, or closed for a more intimate event.

The team is hosting private training events all week, with neighborhood happy hour events this weekend before opening officially for dinner on Tuesday, October 30. Brunch is on the horizon, but the team wants to get all ducks in rows first. Here's a look at the first draft menu that will be workshopped this week. Dayton has said pasta is his passion and that's why it takes center stage. After working at a number of high profile restaurants in town and San Fran, he's finally ready to dig in.